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Contribution Form

Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument



Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument

Contribution Form

Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument, P.O. Box 27659, Tucson, AZ.  85726  
Phone:  520-294-4402

Contribution   Individual:  Group:  Organization 

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        Fill out order form online, then print a copy. Mail form & Check to our address above; Copy and paste completed form into MS Word. Select Submit button and email the Word copy to us. *

         Please make checks payable to “Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument”.

Your Individual or Group Contribution

Level of Contributions

Private $25.00 Corporal $40.00  Sergeant $50.00

Sergeant major $100.00 Lieutenant $125.00

Captain $250.00Major $500.00 Lieutenant Colonel $650.00

Colonel $1250.00 General $2500.00

Contribution       Amount: All contributions are tax deductible minus any benefits you might receive.                       

  Mail form to: Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument, P.O. Box 27659, Tucson, AZ  85726

   You are paying by, Check Money Order  OtherNo cash please

Total Amount Enclosed

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Please fill out form and print a copy and mail it to address below. 

Tucson Buffalo Soldier Monument 
P.O. Box 27659, Tucson, Arizona 85726
Phone/Fax 520-294-4402
e-mail: buffalosoldiermonument@juno.com